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How to add a folder in Yahoo mail on iPad

January 16, 2022 | By John Wick | Filed in: iOS.

Yahoo is one of the email services that are not only used by computer or laptop users but also on mobile and tablet devices too. If you are a yahoo account user and want to manage your email inbox in an efficient manner then you can create or add folders in your yahoo account using your iPad device and systematically manage and organize your mailbox.

Many times while working on the mail app you are searching for a particular mail and thus are not able to find the mail it will automatically than in that case you feel the need for folders that helps you to manage your inbox. Here in this piece of write-up, you will get complete details about how to add folders in yahoo mail in a few simple steps.

Add folders in Yahoo Mail on iPad

  • To add a folder or create a new folder you need to go to the side menu.
  • Now click on the Menu icon Image of the Sidebar menu icon of your yahoo mail.
  • After this scroll down to the bottom of the menu.
  • Tap on Create a new folder Image for the fresh folder icon.
  • With this, a “Create Folder” window appears.
  • Type a new folder name.
  • And finally, tap to save.

How to use “Move to…” to add a folder

  • To move email you need to click an email to open it.
  • Now click on the Move icon Image of yahoo Move mail icon.
  • Click Create a new folder icon given for the new folder icon.
  • Then a “Create Folder” window appears on the screen.
  • Type a new folder name.
  • Tap to save.

For creating subfolders

  • To create subfolders you need to tap and hold on the folder you want to add a subfolder to.
  • After this, a folder management menu appears.
  • Now tap on create a subfolder.
  • After this step, a “Create Folder” window appears.
  • Type a new folder name.
  • Tap to save.

How to rename created folders

  • In order to rename a folder tap and then hold on the folder, you want to rename.
  • With this step folder management menu will appears on the screen.
  • Tap to rename the folder.
  • The “Rename Folder” window appears on the screen.
  • Type a name that you want to add and tap to save.

If you are facing any issue or difficulty in these steps then you can take expertise help via dialing the yahoo helpline number and get steps to fix the issue right away.

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