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How to Make Yahoo! your Default Email in Firefox – Updated

September 13, 2023 | By John Wick | Filed in: browser.

Firefox is one of the leading web browsers that supports the Yahoo Mail account as a default mail program to send an email message. In simple words, when you choose Yahoo Mail as a “mailto” option in the Firefox web browser, as a primary email function, it will always open in your web browser whenever you click the “contact us” link.

You can also change your Windows and browser settings so that Yahoo Mail will open automatically as a default mail program. Through this guidebook, you can set a Yahoo! Mail account as your default email program in Mozilla Firefox. Follow these below-provided instructions to complete the process in a few clicks.

Steps to Set up Yahoo! Mail as the Default Email in Firefox

Firefox allows you to use a webmail service such as Yahoo! Mail for Firefox’s mail functions. Use the instructions to make Yahoo! Mail the default email in Firefox.

  • Open Yahoo! Mail using Mozilla Firefox.
  • Now, Click the menu button from the navigation bar and select Options
  • In the next step, Click on the General panel and go to the Applications
  • After this, search for the Content-Type maito and choose it.
  • Tap the Action column in the mailto row to modify the action and select Use Yahoo Mail. After this, follow these instructions:
    • Always Ask will prompt you to use the Yahoo mail function every time.
    • Set Use <Webmail> option as a Yahoo! Mail will allow your webmail service’s message composition page inside Firefox.
    • Application Details will let you view information about Yahoo mail services that Firefox can use.
    • At last, close the about: preferences.

Note: Any changes or modifications you have made will automatically be saved.

Similarly, you can also use Chrome to use Yahoo Mail as the default email. If you are a Chrome person and want to set up Yahoo! Mail as the Default Email in Chrome, then follow the guidelines provided below.

Steps to Set up Yahoo! Mail as the Default Email in Chrome

  • To begin with, open the Google Chrome Web browser on your PC screen.
  • After this, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner presented as a Chrome menu icon.
  • In the next step, select and open Settings to precede the process.
  • Now, click on the Show Advanced settings
  • Then under “Privacy,” tap the Content settings
  • Finally, select Allow sites to ask to become default handlers for protocols (recommended) under the “Handlers” options.

Pursue all the above-mentioned steps, and you are done. So this is how you can make Yahoo! Mail the default email option in Firefox. and Chrome

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