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3 Easy Steps To Identify When Someone Blocked Your Email on Yahoo?

June 27, 2019 | By John Wick | Filed in: Blocking.

Identify Blocking Email in Yahoo
Have you ever faced any trouble when you send an email to someone on Yahoo and you still haven’t received a reply back? Now in that situation, you must be thinking the person may have blocked you from sending emails and surely you want to know is the person block you or not? Well to help you out, here we have provided you with the best methods to resolve your queries.

Most email users can use the blocking feature to avoid getting any messages or emails in the future from those addresses. If your email address is also getting blocked by a Yahoo user or group, there are several ways to know if someone blocked your email on yahoo. Read this guidebook to know more.

#1 You Receive No Notice from that Particular Email Address

It is quite difficult to know if someone has blocked your yahoo email address or not. But, you can try these below-provided steps to clear your doubt:

  • Open your email account via using web browsers.
  • Write an email and send it to the person that you think has blocked you.
  • If you didn’t receive any reply back there must be changes that your email address is added into the block list.

#2 Try to Send Email via Third-Party Email Clients

You can also open your yahoo email account by using third-party email clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird. Once you access your Yahoo account in third-party apps you are eligible to use the “Read Receipt” system in your yahoo mail. Follow these step-by-step guide provided below:

  • Open your email account in Outlook or Thunderbird.
  • Write an email with a tempting urgent Subject header, such as “Urgent! Reply ASAP” with an attachment of e-mail notifier read receipt.
  • Send an email to that particular email address that you believe has blocked you.
  • Now, if you do not get a read receipt, you will definitely know that your yahoo email address has been blocked.

#3 Use Another Email Service

To know your blocking status, you can also opt to use other email services like Gmail or Hotmail.

  • Send an email to the address that you think has blocked you via using another email account. Or you can also create another Yahoo account to send a message to the person.
  • If the email goes through, it is confirmed that there is a problem with your original Yahoo email address.

Note: Email service providers like Gmail has provided you with the feature of “read/return receipt”.

And this is how by using these above-mentioned methods you can easily get to know if your email address is blocked on Yahoo!

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