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Best Ways to Sort Messages in Yahoo! Mail

March 2, 2022 | By John Wick | Filed in: messages.

When we satisfy with the thought “Time is Money” then who wants to waste up their time to explore such bulk messages and pick the informative one. To make life much more convenient Yahoo offers a sort of message feature in many ways. You can actually arrange your yahoo emails not only by ‘Sort By Date’ but also by Attachments or by Subject name.

Sort Messages in Yahoo!

Apart from this, you can identify your important name simply by typing the Sender’s name in the search box and organizing your mails whenever you need them. Through this function Yahoo! enables its users to categorize their important mail, so they can see or forward all their important messages within a few minutes. Here we are proving the Best Ways to Sort Messages in Yahoo! Mail.

Guide to Sort Messages by Date in Yahoo! Mail Basic

Yahoo facilitates a brilliant feature called “Sort By Date” for its users. By using this trait, you can display your email messages according to the date received. Through the option, you can sort all your Yahoo messages from oldest to newest and newest to oldest one.

  • Launch your Yahoo Mail, by entering Yahoo Email Address and Password.
  • Now, go to Inbox folder and click on the Date: Newest on the top box at the top message sorting list and arrange it from newest to oldest Your yahoo account is set to Date: Newest on top by default.
  • After this, tap on the Apply button presented on the right side of the mentioned box to change the arrangement of your received mails. Or if you want to organize your messages from oldest to newest, just change your settings on Date: Oldest on top.

Note: Similarly you can sort your messages through the desired criteria of Unread, Starred, Sender, Subject, and Attachment mode.

Guide to Sort Messages by Unread/ Attachments/ and Other Mode in Yahoo! Mail Basic

In order to use these functions, you need to select the desired sort option from the drop-down arrow presented on the Date: Newest on the top box and then tap on the Apply button.

  • The unread option will put all unread messages on top and marked as bold in your Inbox.
  • Attachments will help you to sort emails that contain files above on the page. Through this, you can easily access your important emails without any hustle.
  • Starred will sort the email you marked with a star on top. Generally, we use this feature to mark all the important emails, so we can identify the essential one.
  • Through the Sender option, you can organize and find emails by the sender’s name.
  • The subject option will help you to arrange and find emails in alphabetic order by their subject.

Guide to Sort Messages in the Newest Yahoo! Mail

  • To begin with open the web browser installed in your computer and type com.
  • You will be prompted to Yahoo Login Page, where you need to enter the Yahoo Email Address and tap on Next. In the next screen type your Yahoo password and click on the Login button.
  • Go to the Inbox folder and tap on it. Now, click on the Sort Drop Down Arrow and choose one of the following options to sort your Yahoo! Mail as under-
  • Date: Newest on top
  • Date: Oldest on top
  • Unread
  • Starred
  • Once you choose the desired sort criteria and tap on it to complete the process.

And this is how you can view sorted messages in Yahoo! Mail by using Sort by Default, Attachments, Subjects, or other criteria. Though, you are always free to contact Yahoo mail customer care USA about these email settings.

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