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Uh Oh Something Went Wrong What’s Wrong with Yahoo

October 15, 2019 | By John Wick | Filed in: Issues.

Many Yahoo users have reported about getting an error message – Uh oh, looks like something went wrong. Please try again later. This error message is generally noticed by users when trying to access their accounts or trying to make changes to the account recovery option in their account. If you are also getting this error message when accessing or performing any task in your Yahoo Mail account, you can try fixing the problem by following the below-mentioned measures.

Check the online Status of Yahoo

Sometimes server maintenance or technical error in Yahoo may cause such error messages. In these situations, it is recommended to try accessing your account after some time. If the problem would be at Yahoo’s end, it will get fixed automatically.

Check your Web Browser

In case the problem persists even after waiting for sometimes, make sure that you are accessing your Yahoo account on a supported web browser. Clear the cache, cookies and temporary files from your web browser. Also, remove any add-on or plug-ins that could be interfering with Yahoo in your web browser.

Switch to Some Other Device

Sometimes any hardware or software issues on your device can result in causing such sorts of error messages. If you are facing the problem on your computer, you can try accessing your account from a different computer, mobile or tablet device. If you are able to access and operate your Yahoo account perfectly using other devices, this means the problem is with the computer device. In such a case you can, you will need to fix the issues with your computer in order to access your Yahoo account. However, if the problem persists on other devices as well, this will mean that the problem is at Yahoo’s end.

Check other Yahoo Account

If you are having any other Yahoo account, you can try accessing it in order to see if the problem is on your end or at Yahoo’s end. Simply sign in to your Yahoo account and open mail program. Try sending an email message or make some changes to your Yahoo account’s settings. If you find everything to be alright, the problem could be with your account only. However, if you see the same error in your other Yahoo account as well, it means the problem is at Yahoo’s end only.

In such a case, you can either wait for some time to let the error get fixed automatically or you can contact Yahoo customer support for an appropriate solution.

6 comments on “Uh Oh Something Went Wrong What’s Wrong with Yahoo

  1. Jefferson says:

    Is this the real yahoo?
    I’ve had a problem for 2 weeks
    I don’t have my old cell phone number.
    I can’t get into my other email accounts and If I ever get this fixed,
    I am thinking of shutting down all my yahoo accounts and deleting the yahoo search engine and I’m going to start a Facebook page to get other people to do the same, but that’s just a thought because I’m so mad about all this. and the email I’m putting below is the one I can’t access.

  2. Jane says:

    I changed my password then it says try again later

  3. Teresa Ogborn says:

    I keep getting the uh oh something went wrong,. I’ve tried to change password with same error message appearing. I can’t get into my email and I have to get this resolved as I use it for work.

  4. Teresa Ogborn says:

    I’ve tried to call Yahoo for days and is continually busy. I try day and night. Someone please call me.

  5. reyhaneh khoshbakht says:

    I disabled my account key. Then I felt regret, after awhile I decided to enable it again my yahoo account key. But it’s about one week that this part is not working for activation and I face” Uh oh, looks like something went wrong. Please try again later.”all a day ! I am so mad because my security is sow down and I don’t know how can I return my account key

  6. Jack Daniel S. Pascual says:

    My phone broke down a couple of days ago and I can’t download the Yahoo app on to my mother’s phone, saying it’s not supported or something not compatible w/ my mother’s phone.

    I’d entered my mother’s email, then it’s asking for the recovery email or phone number. When I enter the recovery email and enter the code being sent to that email, it routes me to calling customer care to try to sign in again; and by entering the recovery phone number, “uh oh, something went wrong…” displays after.

    Now I can’t openly mother’s Yahoo email account, even by trying it in another device and clearing history and/or cache or cookies

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